Can I Get Braces with Veneers or Implants?

Can you get braces with veneers, implants, or crowns? Find out here.

If you’re considering starting orthodontic treatment to get a straighter and healthier smile and have veneers, crowns, or other dental implants, you may have some concerns. Having dental implants of any kind is fairly common and is often necessary. Thankfully, there are plenty of options available to you for orthodontic treatment with veneers and more. 

Traditional Braces with Veneers, Implants, and Crowns

Traditional metal braces are still a very effective form of orthodontic treatment, and luckily, you can still get braces if you have crowns or veneers. Crowns are a common form of dental treatment to fix teeth that have chipped or severely decayed to the point where a filling won’t suffice. If the crown is in good condition, it is possible to attach the bracket to the surface of the tooth. 

There is a bit more risk in using braces with veneers. Veneers consist of a thin layer of porcelain or ceramic attached to the surface of the tooth. It’s typically used on front teeth to cover stains, chips, or gaps. Because veneers are thin, there is a strong possibility they would crack or be otherwise damaged by attaching brackets to them. Plus, if you have veneers to cover gaps between your teeth, they would need to be removed since braces are designed to actually fix these gaps instead of hiding them. 

When it comes to dental implants, braces won’t be effective for any sort of adjustment. Dental implants are tooth replacements that are surgically attached to the jaw bone. While this process results in permanent tooth substitution, it does make getting braces more complicated. Braces are able to straighten teeth because they aren’t actually attached to the jaw bone. Instead, they are surrounded by a slightly elastic membrane that changes shape during orthodontic treatment. Because dental implants are attached to the jaw bone, they can’t be moved with braces. 

For all of these types of dental treatments, it’s best to get braces beforehand. When it comes to getting orthodontic treatment if you already have veneers and crowns, a great alternative to braces is Invisalign.


Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners instead of brackets and wires. This orthodontic treatment option has a variety of advantages, including an uncluttered smile during the treatment process and no food restrictions. Another advantage is it is a great option for getting straight teeth if you have veneers or crowns. 

Invisalign presents the lowest risk for damage to your veneers or crowns because it is not physically attached to your teeth. The plastic aligners fit over your teeth instead. They are still not able to move dental implants for the same reasons mentioned above, and any veneers designed to hide gaps between your teeth would need to be altered or removed. As a result, getting Invisalign before veneers or implants is the best choice, but it is the better option if you have already received either of these dental treatments.

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