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Midlothian orthodontist provides answers to your braces and Invisalign questions

At Dabney Orthodontics, we are passionate about helping people achieve the beautiful, healthy smiles they deserve, and we are happy to accommodate each patient’s unique circumstances, including their budgets.

Braces and Invisalign are actually more affordable than many people think, especially when you factor in options like orthodontic insurance, HSA and FSA funds.

Orthodontic Insurance

Many dental insurance plans include some type of orthodontic coverage. While it is generally not enough to cover the cost of the entire treatment, it will reduce the amount you are responsible for.

Some insurance plans require you to be insured for a certain length of time before you are eligible for orthodontic coverage, while others will not cover braces or Invisalign if the treatment is already in progress when you become insured with them. Keep these facts in mind when you are deciding whether or not to change insurance companies right before or during your treatment.

We accept most dental insurance plans that cover orthodontic services, and we are happy to answer your questions about claims and coverage.

HSAs and FSAs

Another added benefit of having insurance is the ability to put money aside tax-free in a health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA). The funds you save in these accounts can be used to pay for medical expenses not covered by your insurance policy, including orthodontics.

To learn more about using these accounts to pay for your treatment, contact your insurance company or ask us at your free initial exam.

You Have the Power of Choice


Making the choice to get the beautiful healthy smile you deserve is a lifetime decision. At our office, we want to make sure that decision is based on who you feel can provide the best, most lasting results with the most comfortable experience. We continue to invest in technology that delivers beautiful results with greater comfort, and in less time. But we also know it has to be affordable. That’s why we’ve partnered with OrthoFi. Today, you don’t have to settle – you can get the best care available at an affordable price.

With OrthoFi you can:

  • Choose the Best Treatment Option for Your Family
  • Design Your Own Payment Plan to Fit Your Budget
  • View Your Payment Plan Details Online On Your Time

To learn more about how OrthoFi can make treatment affordable for you, ask your doctor for more information or visit:

Don’t let the thought of not being able to pay for treatment keep you from getting the care you need. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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