What Are Invisalign Attachments and How Do They Work?

Dabney Orthodontics in Midlothian explain Invisalign attachements and how they work

As orthodontics has advanced over the years, patients have been able to get better smiles with less hassle. One of the most significant breakthroughs in orthodontics came in 1997 when the Invisalign Clear Aligner system was developed. Ever since, patients have been able to straighten their teeth using completely clear and removable aligners, getting rid…

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3 Ways to Keep Invisalign Aligners Clean

Thanks to innovations in orthodontics over the last few decades, traditional metal braces aren’t the only option you have available to you to get straight teeth. One excellent option for many patients is the Invisalign Clear Aligner System. This innovative orthodontic treatment can fix a wide range of orthodontic issues by using removable aligners that…

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