Orthodontic Care for Adults

Dabney Orthodontics has affordable braces and Invisalign for adults in Midlothian

Your smile is the first thing people notice when they see you. Crooked, crowded teeth or a misaligned bite can make you feel self-conscious no matter what your age. The good news is, with today’s advances in orthodontics, straighter teeth aren’t just for kids and teens anymore.

Orthodontics Can Fix Old and New Dental Issues

Now more than ever adults are successfully straightening their teeth for a healthier, aligned smile. Whether you’re looking for a cosmetic fix or wanting to improve your dental health, orthodontics can be used to overcome multiple issues you may have had for years, have developed over time, or ended up with due to an injury.

For those who have overbites, underbites, cross bites, crooked teeth, or crowded teeth, orthodontic treatment can be effective. Misalignment causes undue stress and uneven wearing on teeth, makes it harder to effectively clean teeth, and sets the stage for oral bacteria and plaque to build up. It can also lead to jaw pain and trouble with biting and chewing.

Adult Orthodontic Treatment Options

Of course, as an adult, you may not want to have metal braces visible in your smile. But there are other options available to you, including  less obvious ceramic braces, which have clear or tooth colored brackets instead of silver, and clear plastic aligners.

Invisalign for adults is one of the more popular options to straighten teeth and they are highly effective when fixing minor to moderate issues. With Invisalign, patients wear clear plastic aligner trays that gradually shift the teeth as you switch out the aligners every two weeks or so. Invisalign is almost invisible, doesn’t affect what you can eat and drink, and is removable to allow for brushing and flossing.

Today, orthodontics is more affordable than ever, and having a healthy smile is vital for your health. So if you have been wanting straighter teeth and are ready for a change, now is the time to act. To find out what your orthodontic options are, please give us a call today and schedule a free consultation with our orthodontist.

Join our team of satisfied patients by creating the straighter smile you have always wanted!