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INBRACE lingual braces offer a unique balance between the quality of your straightened smile and aesthetics by being placed behind your teeth, providing both the reliability of traditional braces and the cosmetic benefits of clear aligners; additionally, the patented INBRACE Smartwire's interdental loops enable normal brushing and flossing for better oral hygiene.

Invisible Tooth Straightening

With INBRACE lingual braces, you can straighten your teeth invisibly, as they are hidden entirely behind your teeth, making them the ultimate aesthetic option compared to ceramic brackets that blend in with your teeth or clear aligners that use transparent plastic.

Efficient Treatment

At INBRACE, we prioritize efficient tooth movement through our Smartwires, which minimize the amount of movement required to achieve your desired smile; this level of efficiency can potentially reduce your overall treatment time by several months or even years.

Safe Tooth Straightening

With our patented self-driving Gentleforce technology, we ensure a consistent application of force throughout your treatment, allowing your body enough time to preserve healthy bone, roots, and gums.

More Comfort

INBRACE's Gentleforce technology gently guides your teeth to their ideal position, eliminating the need for painful tightening appointments and reducing the risk of mouth abrasions commonly caused by traditional brackets and wires.

Shorter Appointments

Thanks to our flexible interdental loops, wire insertion behind your teeth is a breeze, which means your wire change appointments will only take approximately five minutes.

Getting started with INBRACE is a simple three-step process: schedule an appointment for an initial consultation, have a digital scan of your teeth taken, and return four weeks later for your personalized INBRACE Smartwire, which will mark the beginning of your journey to a better smile.

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