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Did you know that there are orthodontic braces that can be placed behind your teeth, so nobody will even notice you're wearing braces? They're called Incognito braces and they use advanced technology to create 100% customized, invisible, fixed braces. That means you can have a beautiful smile even while you're wearing them, without anyone knowing! Of course, if you want to show off your braces, you can do that too. To see if Incognito braces are right for you, you should talk to your orthodontist and get a consultation.

How Incognito Works

Incognito braces are like traditional braces, but they're placed on the backs of your teeth, so they're completely invisible from the front. With lingual braces, you can straighten your teeth just as effectively as with metal braces, but without anyone knowing.

The best thing about Incognito braces is that they're customized to fit your mouth perfectly. D. Dabney will take an impression of your teeth, then our lab will use computerized technology to create the metal brackets that will fit onto the back of each tooth. We'll cement the brackets into place, and you're on your way to a beautiful smile without anyone noticing! If you're looking for a discreet way to straighten your teeth, Incognito braces might be the perfect choice for you.

Who Can Wear Incognito Braces?

Pretty much anyone! It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman, a teenager or an adult, and whether you're a student or a professional. The age range is pretty broad too - from 13 years all the way up to over 60!

The great thing about Incognito braces is that if you're eligible for traditional braces, then you're probably a good candidate for Incognito braces too. So, if you're looking for a way to straighten your teeth without anyone knowing, invisible braces could be a great option for you, regardless of your age or profession.

Advantages of Incognito Braces

Taking care of your teeth is a smart investment for your future, and it can make a big difference in both your health and your appearance. When it comes to orthodontic treatment, there are some great reasons to consider Incognito braces.

These unique braces offer a lot of advantage:

  • Comfort: Incognito braces offer a higher level of comfort during orthodontic treatment because they are custom-fit to each patient's unique mouth.
  • Aesthetics: Incognito braces are ideal for those who prefer invisible braces, including adult professionals and teens.
  • Convenience: Incognito braces are highly convenient for individuals who play wind instruments or contact sports.

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