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If you're considering braces, you may want to check out SureSmile®. According to a comparison of 1,849 patients treated conventionally and 4,376 patients treated with SureSmile, the latter group had an average treatment time that was 30% or more faster. That means you can expect shorter treatment times, fewer office visits, less overall discomfort, and high-quality results with SureSmile. Thanks to this technology-driven orthodontic process, the whole "braces experience" is made much easier for patients compared to conventional orthodontics.

Shorter Treatment Times

Chances are you've heard from folks around you that wearing braces is a lengthy commitment, lasting over two years on average. However, with SureSmile orthodontic treatment, things have changed. SureSmile technology ensures you get excellent results in a shorter timeframe. So, if you're thinking about getting braces, you can expect a more convenient experience with SureSmile.

Fewer Office Visits

SureSmile treatment has several benefits that make it a more convenient option for patients. Compared to traditional braces, patients spend less time in treatment and make fewer visits to the orthodontist. The custom SureSmile archwire is designed for smoother movement, offering a more comfortable experience. Plus, you can quickly return to your normal oral hygiene routine, making it easier to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Less Overall Discomfort

If you've talked to anyone who has worn braces, they likely mentioned that wire adjustments and changes were the least favorite part of the process due to discomfort. But with SureSmile, things are different. The system is engineered to make the most of each wire, maximizing its therapeutic efficiency and significantly reducing the number of adjustments needed. As a result, you'll experience fewer episodes of discomfort throughout your treatment.

High-Quality Results

SureSmile technology offers a different approach to traditional orthodontic treatment. Rather than the orthodontist bending an archwire by hand, a custom-shaped SureSmile wire is created by a robot. When the wire is inserted, each tooth moves directly to its prescribed position, ensuring precise movement. This level of precision is what allows for great results in a shorter treatment time with SureSmile.

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