What Are Invisalign Attachments and How Do They Work?

Dabney Orthodontics in Midlothian explain Invisalign attachements and how they work

As orthodontics has advanced over the years, patients have been able to get better smiles with less hassle. One of the most significant breakthroughs in orthodontics came in 1997 when the Invisalign Clear Aligner system was developed. Ever since, patients have been able to straighten their teeth using completely clear and removable aligners, getting rid…

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Why a Good-Looking Smile is Not Always a Healthy Smile

Midlothian orthodontist explains why a pretty smile is not always a healthy smile

While undergoing orthodontic treatment with braces or Invisalign will earn you a beautiful smile, that’s hardly the only benefit. If you have been hesitant to start orthodontic treatment because you already have a straight smile, you can still gain a lot from having braces or Invisalign. When you straighten your teeth, you set yourself up…

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I Stopped Wearing My Retainer, Now What?

Naturally, you’re going to be very excited once your orthodontic treatment is complete. Not only will you not have to have braces or aligners in your mouth, but you’ll get to see your new smile. However, you aren’t quite done. You will need to wear a retainer to, well, retain your new smile. So, what…

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The Best Ways for Brides to Straighten Their Teeth

Dabney Orthodontics helps brides in Midlothian get the straight beautiful smile they want for their wedding

Congratulations, your big day is on its way! Amidst all of the elements that go into planning your wedding, such as finding a venue, getting the perfect dress, and finding the right caterer, you might not be too focused on straightening your teeth. This is especially true if you’re worried about having braces in your…

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How Rubber Bands with Braces Work

rubber bands with braces

When you get braces to straighten your smile, you’ll notice there are a few different parts that make up your braces. In addition to the archwire and brackets, which are the metal parts of braces, you will also get elastic bands with your braces. There are a couple different kinds of elastic bands you could…

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3 Ways to Keep Invisalign Aligners Clean

Thanks to innovations in orthodontics over the last few decades, traditional metal braces aren’t the only option you have available to you to get straight teeth. One excellent option for many patients is the Invisalign Clear Aligner System. This innovative orthodontic treatment can fix a wide range of orthodontic issues by using removable aligners that…

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Tips for Traveling with Invisalign or Braces

The season of hitting the road or boarding a plane to visit loved ones is here. With the holidays solidly here, many families are preparing to visit friends and relatives. If you or your kids currently have braces or Invisalign, you’ll need to plan ahead to make your time of traveling a success. Make a…

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Can I Get Braces with Veneers or Implants?

Can you get braces with veneers, implants, or crowns? Find out here.

If you’re considering starting orthodontic treatment to get a straighter and healthier smile and have veneers, crowns, or other dental implants, you may have some concerns. Having dental implants of any kind is fairly common and is often necessary. Thankfully, there are plenty of options available to you for orthodontic treatment with veneers and more. …

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Does Online Orthodontic Treatment Make Sense?

Is mail-order orthodontic treatment the best choice for you?

As the world becomes more fast-paced and digital technology advances, people looking to straighten their teeth are turning to a new phenomenon: online orthodontic treatment. Wait, really? I can get straight teeth online? Not so fast! While the idea of getting braces online may sound appealing, there are important factors to consider. What Is Online…

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What You Should Know Before Getting Invisalign

Things you should know before getting Invisalign in Midlothian

Orthodontics has come a long way since the old days, when your only option for treatment would have been a clunky set of uncomfortable braces. Today’s options for effective orthodontic treatment are vast, more advanced than ever, and include Invisalign. What Is Invisalign? The Invisalign Clear Aligner System was developed around the turn of the…

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